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Stylist   Schedule


          Sam:  Mon,Thurs,Fri 10-7:00, Tues 10-2, Wed 2-7, Sun 10-4:00

Cody:   Mon, Tues, Sat 9-5

                        Lacey:  Wed 10-7, Thurs 10-7, Fri 10-7,Sat 9-5

Honey: Wed&Fri 10-7 Sat 9-5

Savena: Mon, Tuesday, Thursdays 10-7

                Caitanna:  Wed, Thurs, Fri 10-7, Sat 9-5

Jade:  Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat

                      Mandye:  Tues, Wed, & Fri 10-7 Sat 9-5

                       click here to book with Mandye directly


        ** To book an advance reservation for any service requiring 1 hour or more, an authorization for a valid credit card charge or cash deposit may be required .

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