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is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Here are some of our initiatives;


Honoured to have had Mr. Davide Bollati    { Owner & Chairman of DAVINES S.p.A } travel from Italy to visit PROPER HAIR LOUNGE and five other salons in North America. 
We at PROPER are proud to be part of that small group of salons who are serious about environmental issues and sustainable beauty practices. 
Not only have we adopted beauty recyclers Green Circle Salons into our space to repurpose our waste, but we use all natural laundry soda, hang dry our robes, use reusable dinnerware, employ the use of Eco Heads water nozzles to diminish water consumption and energy, but we give back to our community by donating new and gently used toiletries and hair care products to Wish Drop In centre. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on a daily basis. Using and recommending Davines products is a huge part of that practice. We were over joyed to have Mr. Bollati inspect and inquire about our practices.

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